Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Alert- Proper Nutrition

Save Your Own Life – The Vitamin C Connection

Pauling’s Recommendations for Vitamin C and Lysine

Linus Pauling’s Vitamin C and Lysine dosage recommendations from his Unified Theory Lecture on Heart Disease.

Dr Matthias Rath / Cellular Medicine / How Cancer Develops

Cellular Medicine is a new scientific concept introduced by Dr. Matthias Rath. According to cellular medicine a chronic deficiency of vitamins, amino acids and other specific nutrients is the primary cause of today’s most common chronic diseases including various forms of the cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer and others. Never before was the deficiency of cellular bio-energy and bio-stability described as the primary cause of an entire group of diseases.

Caldwell Esselstyn MD – Reverse Heart Disease Study

Dr. Esselstyn of the famed Cleveland Clinic discusses how he set up his wildly successful 25-year study proving that a low-fat plantbased diet can arrest and reverse heart disease. Dr. Esselstyn’s full Cleveland Clinic Wellness Center DVD program for reversing heart disease — the same diet used by former President Bill Clinton to reverse his heart disease.